Marketplace happiness at scale

Tools to monitor engagement and retention within your marketplace. Make sure your best performing users aren't getting lost in the crowd as your marketplace grows. Whether you are connecting drivers to riders, collectors to buyers, wholesalers to sellers, or anything in between - we can help.

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Screenshot of our marketplace CRM
Screenshot of our CRM for marketplaces

Understand the dynamics of your marketplace

Great marketplaces are nurtured by teams who know their community. Unlike traditional CRMs, Marketbase is specifically designed for marketplaces. Empower your team to track all sides of your marketplace and all of the activity in between.

“What Marketbase is building is incredibly powerful. They are providing the tools that the largest platforms and marketplaces are developing internally to keep each side happy and engaged.”
Screenshot of marketplace customization

Identify your top tier users

Track engagement metrics through points and leaderboards. Identify and reward your best performing users, encourage leveling up, and support the ones that are at risk of leaving your marketplace.

Zoom in to get the full story

Drill down into every corner of your marketplace with full transparency. View timelines of events to provide support between your supply and demand.

Screenshot of an interaction between your supply and demand sides.
Screenshot of marketplace customization

Zoom out to understand the health of your marketplace.

Marketplaces are extraordinarily complex and operators need the best insights to fine tune and balance each side of a marketplace as it grows. Learn the trends and behaviors of the people in your marketplace to better understand how to best retain and support them.

Screenshot of automating workflows on Marketbase

Give your operations team superpowers

Your operations team deserves better than cobbled together or neglected back-office software. Enable your operations team to connect the dots without engineering help. Use Marketbase Actions to automate queries, emails, tagging, reporting, and more.

Powerful & developer friendly API

Use our easy-to-use API to send and receive custom information and events. Already using Segment to manage events in your application? Use our no-code integration to send events to Marketbase.

$ curl \
 -d '{
   "data": [{
     "userId": "user_8675309",
     "type": "listing_added",
     "metafields": [{
         "key": "title",
          "value": "Korg Keyboard"
        }, {
          "key": "price",
          "value": "800.00"

Words from our marketplace friends

“One downside of fast marketplace growth is losing the ability for our operations team to quickly understand who our best performers are and be proactive about retention. I can't wait to use Marketbase to solve this.”
Joe Van Dyk
“I love what Marketbase is doing. Marketplaces keep rebuilding the same tools over and over since there isn't a CRM service for marketplaces.”
Jayme Hoffman

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