Proactively monitor conversations within your marketplace

Marketbase is how teams within fast growing marketplaces effortlessly monitor conversations to prevent disintermediation, identify problematic users, and increase trust & safety within their community.

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Keep a watchful eye on every conversation

As marketplaces grow, it becomes increasingly more difficult and time consuming to monitor conversations between users. Marketbase provides the tools for marketplace operators to monitor these interactions at scale.

A better view of marketplace conversations
Monitor every conversation within your marketplace and drill down to get the full story.
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Screenshot of Marketbase inbox
Auto-flag messages using A.I.
Marketbase uses A.I. and keyword detection to auto-flag messages with harassment or disintermediation intent (eg. asking for PayPal information) for team review.
Identify repeat offenders
Understand which users are causing problems within your marketplace. Collaborate with your team on next steps before they become a bigger problem.
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Effortless monitoring
No need to manually monitor conversations and flags. Marketbase will email you reports and trends.
Marketbase is incredibly powerful. They provide the tools that the largest platforms and marketplaces have developed internally.
Richie Serna
CEO, Finix Payments

Integrate in minutes

Connect your existing messaging services or use our API.

Video thumbnail of Marketbase + Sharetribe Flex integration

Video showing Marketbase overview with example integration using Sharetribe Flex.

Integrated with popular messaging services
Already use popular messaging services like Sendbird, Stream, PubNub, TalkJS or others? Use our no-code integrations to get started in minutes.
A simple API that your developers will love
If you are using a custom messaging service, your development team can take advantage of our APIs to send data to Marketbase.
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Drive better transactions

One of the worst experiences for a new customer on your marketplace is to be matched with a bad merchant. Be proactive about finding and removing bad sellers to drive more longer term marketplace transactions.

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