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Marketbase is a modular and flexible platform for embedded marketplace experiences within focused brands and communities. Add a marketplace to your business and start generating revenue on each transaction.

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Powering the next generation of marketplaces

The next generation of marketplaces are paired with existing and thriving communities.  Whether you want to connect collectors to buyers (like Etsy), teachers to students (like Masterclass), or anything in between - Marketbase is the best launchpad for expanding your business through marketplaces.

Marketplace example: connecting people to dog sittersMarketplace example: buy and sell sneakersMarketplace example: connecting chefs to students
Marketbase is incredibly powerful. They provide the tools that the largest ecommerce platforms and marketplaces have developed internally.
Richie Serna
CEO, Finix Payments

BoardGameGeek  + Marketbase

BoardGameGeek leverages the flexibility of the Marketbase platform to build and manage a fully integrated eBay-like marketplace for their community of over three million board game enthusiasts.

Within the first three months, the GeekMarket marketplace resulted in a 150% month-to-month growth with over 15K active listings and over 5K orders – all while in an invite-only release.

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Screenshots of BoardGameGeek's Marketplace
Illustration of the marketbase platform. Three layers. Top layer Marketplace UI, middle layer Marketbase API, bottom layer Marketbase admin.
Your brand's UI
Marketbase API
Marketbase admin
Marketplace UI (top), Marketbase API (middle), Marketbase admin (bottom)

Geared for flexibility

Every marketplace is different and your new marketplace is no exception. Take advantage of our flexible and developer friendly headless APIs to speed up development and get your marketplace live faster.

Depending on the needs of your business, we can provide simple white-label solutions to professional services with fully custom designs and integrations.

Tools for all sides of your marketplace

Marketbase has the tools and APIs you need to start, scale, and manage a successful marketplace.

Illustration of a seller, buyer, and admin in a marketplace.
Illustration of a marketplace seller.


  • Payments with Stripe
  • Browsing/searching
  • Feedback system
  • Notifications
  • Checkout
Illustration of a marketplace buyer.


  • Payouts & tax compliance
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping labels
  • Messaging
  • Profiles
Illustration of a marketplace operator watching over buyers and sellers.


  • Support & mediation
  • Approval queues
  • User management
  • Headless CMS
  • Reporting

Manage & understand your marketplace

Just like your brand, great marketplaces are also nurtured by teams who know their community. Once your marketplace is up and running, Marketbase provides a powerful suite of admin and operator tools that allow your team to efficiently manage and understand your marketplace as it grows.

Don't have the resources to manage a marketplace? We can provide professional services to manage the operations side of your marketplace as well.

Screenshot of Marketbase's admin tools.

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