Help & FAQ

How do I contact Marketbase?

If you have a question, found a bug, have a suggestion, or anything else related to support – feel free to email

How do I upgrade or change my plan?

Marketbase has multiple pricing plans to fit the needs of different sized marketplaces and every account starts with a Free plan. Once a limit is reached, auto-flagging is simply paused (no overage charges).

To upgrade or change your plan:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Open your 'Live' workspace.
  3. Go to your 'Settings' page.
  4. Scroll down to the 'Billing' section.
  5. Click 'Manage plan' – this will redirect you to subscription payments partner to manage your subscription. All subscription payments are processed through world-class security via Stripe.
  6. Click on 'Update plan' to choose the plan you would like to switch to. Note that once your tier limit is reached, monitoring is simply paused (no overage charges).
  7. Follow remaining checkout instructions as needed before returning back to your Marketbase dashboard.

If you would like to cancel your subscription, simply change your plan back to the 'Free' plan. If you would like to delete any of your data on Marketbase, please contact us.

Which integrations are supported?

Marketbase supports many messaging and marketplace platform integrations including Sharetribe, TalkJS, PubNub, and more. To see the full list, head to our integration guides.

How does auto-flagging work?

Once you have data flowing to Marketbase (either through our API or our integrations), we will automatically flag any messages that either look like attempts at disintermediation or harassment. More specifically, Marketbase helps operators monitor for messages that contain:

  • Phone numbers – including clever attempt to hide (eg. spelling out parts of a phone number like "two zero six").
  • Social security numbers
  • Email addresses
  • IP addresses
  • URLs
  • Keywords closely related to alternate methods of payment (eg. PayPal, Venmo, Cash, Zelle, etc).
  • Harassment intent via profanity and other severe language.

Every auto-flag is attributed to one of your users to help you coach users or understand repeat offenders and be proactive about finding and removing bad actors before they become more a bigger problem within your marketplace.

All flagged messages are bubbled up for team review within in your Marketbase Dashboard Inbox page. Click through on each review to view the flagged message within the context of the conversation.