Moderate TalkJS messages using Marketbase



TalkJS is a chat API with pre-built UI for web & mobile apps that enable any chat use case into your product with just a few lines of code. This integration allows your team to use Marketbase as a dashboard for moderating, reviewing, and flagging messages that go through the TalkJS platform – without any additional code.

Integration guide

Step 1: Configure TalkJS integration on Marketbase

Go to your Marketbase dashboard and select your workspace that you would like to integrate TalkJS with.

Open 'Settings' page and scroll down to the 'Integrations' section.

Click on 'Add integration'.

From the dropdown, click 'TalkJS'.

Add an integration label (eg. 'TalkJS production') and then proceed to Step 2 below to get the 'App ID' and 'Secret Key' from your TalkJS admin dashboard.

Step 2: Get application information from TalkJS

Open a new browser tab and go to your admin dashboard on TalkJS, make sure you are on the 'Settings' page and then scroll down to the 'General' section.

Copy the 'Test app ID' on TalkJS and paste it on your Marketbase tab in the 'App ID' field.

Copy the 'Secret key' on TalkJS and paste it on your Marketbase tab in the 'Secret key' field.

Click 'Create' to create your TalkJS integration on Marketbase.

From the settings page, you should now see your newly created TalkJS integration with a webhook url that you will copy to TalkJS in the next step.

Step 3: Configure webhook on TalkJS to point to Marketbase

Switch back to your TalkJS admin dashboard tab and scroll down to the 'Webhooks' section on the same 'Settings' page.

Paste your newly created webhook URL from Marketbase on the 'Webhook URL' field on TalkJS.

Ensure the following event options are checked (all except notification events):

  • message.sent
  • message.updated
  • message.deleted
  • conversation.deleted
  • user.created
  • user.updated

Step 4: Confirm integration is working

After integration, send messages as you normally would through TalkJS and then ensure new conversations, messages, and users are being populated on the Marketbase dashboard.

If you are running into any problems or need to load legacy data, feel free to email us at for help.

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