Moderate Sendbird messages using Marketbase



Sendbird is a powerful conversation platform that powers services from Reddit to Paytm to Headspace. Sendbird provides marketplace conversation functionality to drive more transactions – integrate chat within your shopping cart, payment system, reviews platform and more. This integration allows your team to use Marketbase as a dashboard for moderating, reviewing, and flagging messages that go through the Sendbird platform – without any additional code.

Integration guide

Step 1: Get API token from Sendbird

Login to your Sendbird admin dashboard.

Ensure you are on the correct application.

Navigate to Settings > General.

Scroll down to 'API tokens' section.

Click the eye icon in the 'Master API token' field to enable the token visibility.

Enter Sendbird password if prompted.

Click on copy icon in the 'Master API token' field to copy token to clipboard.

Step 2: Configure Sendbird integration on Marketbase

Open a new tab and go to your Marketbase dashboard and select your workspace that you would like to integrate Sendbird with.

Open 'Settings' page and scroll down to the 'Integrations' section.

Click on 'Add integration'.

From the dropdown, click 'Sendbird'.

Give the integration a descriptive label.

Paste the 'Master API token' from your clipboard into the 'Master API token' field.

Click 'Create' to create your Sendbird integration on Marketbase.

From the settings page, you should now see your newly created Sendbird integration with a Marketbase webhook URL.

Copy this webhook URL to your clipboard.

Step 4: Enable webhooks and add Marketbase webhook URL

Go back to your Sendbird admin dashboard.

Navigate to Settings > Features.

Enable 'Webhooks' feature if it isn't already enabled.

Navigate to Settings > Webhooks.

In the 'URL' field, paste the webhook URL from your clipboard (from the previous step).

Click 'Save' in URL section.

In the 'Events' section, select 'Selected events' and enable the following:

  • Open channel: open_channel_message_send
  • Group channel: group_channel_message_send

Click 'Save' in Events section.

Step 3: Confirm integration is working

After integration, all new conversations, messages, and users from Sendbird should populate on the Marketbase dashboard.

If you are running into any problems or need to load legacy data, feel free to email us at for help.

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