We connect people through the magic of marketplaces

We believe marketplaces have an incredible ability to connect strangers on each transaction. We've cut our teeth building marketplaces in the past so we know how difficult and time consuming building from the ground up can be. We know there is a better way and believe that better tooling can empower more real life connections.

Marketbase provides conversation monitoring software that we wish we had at previous companies - but never had the resources to build internally. Our team is comprised of passionate and collaborate people that has spent over the last decade working on high volume marketplaces, no-code services, and payment platforms.


Marketbase is a product of Waypoint – backed by:

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Plus Unpopular Ventures, > Capital, Chasm Capital, Brickyard & founders/execs from Finix, Lambda School, ZenHub, MakerPad, Stubhub, Kevel, ApartmentList, and Bellhop.